What Does Hospice Provide?


The idea of hospice is misconstrued by a long history of poor representation and traumatic experiences.

No one wants to learn about hospice - since it usually entails the loss of those we love and the pain that we witness as they go through end of life care.

However, the avoidance for thinking about what is important to us in the end of life - our "priorities", as author and surgeon Atul Gawande puts it, makes it all that much harder to know what care is truly best when we need it the most.

At Always TFY Hospice, we want to not only recognize the best care options available, but also the need for this conversation to develop.

Our care staff works with your whole family, and treatment is defined by the needs of your entire home, whoever is part of your end of life picture, and in whatever way we can be of service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hospice

  • "But My Family Member is not ready to die"

A lot of the misinformation about hospice benefits concern the idea that hospice is chosen at the last possible moment in one's life - that it is something people decide when they have "given up" or are "ready to die".

Granted, our care does focus on those that are facing the end of their lives - but it is not something that necessarily means the end. Hospice makes a lot of sense for patients going through a transition - whether you are waiting to see if you get better, adjusting to the stress of a new procedure, or are trying to decide what the next step should be. And most importantly, hospice care can end or change the moment you want it to, from the comfort of your own home through a quick phone call to one of our nurses (24 hrs a day).

  • "How do I know hospice is available to me?

Most patients are recommended by their primary care physician. If you think a family member qualifies for hospice, contact us for one of our physicians to assist you in visiting family members. 

  • How can my family afford hospice?

Hospice benefits are open to everyone and anyone, with no need for premium insurance options. Specifically, the costs of hospice care is covered in Medicare coverage that is available to everyone by law.  The benefit is available to you whenever you may need care, and cannot be taken away from you. To qualify for care all you need is a order from you doctor for care to start.

  • "What exactly is this care? What is provided?"

The goal of hospice is to provide palliative care - care that involves comfort, and relief from pain. Being comfortable includes the patient's environment, and our full team provides this through social services for the whole family, volunteer aids who perform home visits, Nurse visits every week, doctor visits, and a health aide who helps with the daily challenges. That's a whole team of care, all in one package.

Not only are prescriptions also covered, but we provide your home with regular supplies for medical needs.

Call our staff for a full explanation of benefits:

(951) 271-9742

  • Do I need to admit my family member to the hospital or to a nursing home? I want to keep them in my own home"

Our goal is to provide care that fits you needs. Accommodating patients includes personalized visits to the location of the patient, which includes your home.

Should you decide to move your family member to a nursing facility, the hospice care can still be included in your coverage at the new location. We even provide your family with a special care social worker who can help you find housing options for the patient.

Hospice care however, does not include hospitalization or surgery accommodations.  Hospice focuses on comfort care, not aggressive treatments such as radiation and surgery. Contact our nursing staff for a full explanation about benefits.




“treatment is defined by the needs of your entire home”